With an extensive and successful background as litigators on the local, state, and federal levels, Frankfort & Koltun works vigorously and passionately on each case in order to bring justice for our clients.

For those of you not familiar with this area of law, civil litigation usually includes private parties involved in a lawsuit, rather than a case focused on criminal acts. Fortunately, our attorneys at Frankfort & Koltun are extremely familiar with the civil litigation procedure, having argued cases at the local, state, and federal levels. We are able to represent you in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY), Eastern District of New York (EDNY), and Northern District of New York (NDNY); we’ve also argued in front of the New York State Court of Appeals.

At Frankfort & Koltun, our mission is to get you the best results possible. Below are typical civil litigation cases represented by our attorneys, Bob Frankfort and Scott Koltun:

Breach of Contract

As one of the most common forms of civil litigation, a breach of contract occurs when one or more parties do not honor a binding agreement. Below are five general categories for this type of case:

  • An actual breach: When a contract is not fulfilled by the agreed upon due date, the plaintiff may be entitled to maintain an action for damages.
  • An anticipatory breach: When there is an unequivocal indication, ahead of the specified due date, that one party will not hold up to his/her end of the contract, the plaintiff may terminate the contract and sue for damages.
  • A minor breach: Due to a failure to perform part of a contract, even though the specified product or service was ultimately delivered, the plaintiff may sue for actual damages and terminate the contract – or in some cases, still compel the defendant to satisfy his/her end of the contract.
  • A material breach: An implication that the defending party delivered something drastically different than what was outlined in the contract; once brought to court, the plaintiff could potentially choose to have the defendant fulfill his/her end of the contract or pay for damages.
  • A fundamental breach: When particularly serious consequences are involved, where the plaintiff is deprived of the benefit of the contract, the plaintiff may be entitled to terminate the contract and sue the defendant for damages.

Although these are the standard breach of contract cases argued by our team at Frankfort & Koltun, each case is unique. We look forward to helping you resolve your breach of contract civil case.

Casualty Insurance and Life Insurance Disputes

As many of us know, pages of fine print usually accompany insurance policies, which most can find to be a bit daunting to navigate. The challenges are exacerbated when an insurance company decides to undervalue, delay, or even flat-out deny your claim.

If you have found yourself in this stressful situation, let Bob and Scott work with you to secure the resolution you desire. They have invaluable expertise in this particular area, having spent decades defending insurance companies. Now they work for plaintiffs, fighting against the wrongdoings of insurers.

Contractor Disputes

Even when you’ve done your research and received a recommendation from someone you trust, you can still find yourself in hot water when working with a contractor. It’s great if you can find a way to resolve the disagreement on your own; otherwise, the skilled litigators at Frankfort & Koltun will gladly take the reigns and fight for the outcome you deserve.


In the world of civil litigation, fraud refers to a deliberate deception by one party in order to gain in an unlawful or unfair manner; or when one party deprives the other party of a legal right. The Frankfort & Koltun team deals largely with civil fraud, which usually results in monetary compensation. If you’ve been defrauded, contact either Bob or Scott to review your case.

We Can Help!

At Frankfort & Koltun, we understand that the civil litigation process is not always the answer. That’s why we work with each client to determine the best route for his or her specific case. If it is agreed upon to proceed to civil litigation, our team will strive to provide a non-stressful, cost-effective method of doing so. Frankfort & Koltun always has your best interest at heart and will devise a unique plan of action that works for you. After all, client satisfaction is what has kept our law firm in business for over two decades so far! Call us at 631-242-7815 (or click the button below) to schedule your free lawyer consultation today.