No matter if you're a startup or an established company, attorneys who understand business are required for success. The team at Frankfort & Koltun has eight decades of combined experience; and is ready to partner with your business.

The U.S. business community is founded upon contracts and agreements. These contracts and agreements ensure a fair marketplace and a stable economy, which is vital in today's world. Therefore, it is important that your company obtains legal counsel from attorneys who understand the business environment and all the possible “pain points” for executives and owners when transacting goods and services. Frankfort & Koltun, led by two experienced litigators, Bob Frankfort and Scott Koltun, has a deep understanding of business and the law.

Because every situation is distinct, you need a multi-faceted commercial law firm that can quickly learn about your company and the variables that dictate your business dealings. Unfortunately, challenges can occur on a variety of different fronts; however, by working with the right legal team, you can arm yourself with the commercial law services you need to ensure compliance and resolution. The attorneys at Frankfort & Koltun are prepared to take on cases in the following areas:

  • Contracts
  • Intellectual property
  • Copyright
  • Disputes
  • Product liability
  • Employment
  • Bankruptcy
  • …and more

New Businesses

When launching a new business, you may feel as though you’re entering unchartered legal territory. If that is the situation, why not hire a guide to help you navigate all of the legal issues that your company may encounter at inception? Working with a commercial law firm like Frankfort & Koltun is a great way to establish the contracts, agreements, and procedures you’ll need from the start.

Bob and Scott can advise you on how your business should be established, as well as draft agreements to dictate how the business is managed, profits and losses are divided, and ownership rights are transferred. Why leave these important aspects to chance? On the day you open your doors for business, have the peace of mind in knowing that your legal team of Frankfort & Koltun has created the groundwork for success.

Established Businesses

If you’ve been in business for a number of years, you are probably faced with your own unique set of challenges. Some of these hurdles are positive – your business may be experiencing growth and needs to formalize a relationship with a major client or vendor. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might be encountering negative issues – your product has a critical defect and your clients are suing.

Our attorneys, Bob and Scott, have 80 years of combined experience counseling the Long Island and New York City business community on a variety of legal matters. Frankfort & Koltun can guide you in areas such as succession planning, updating operating agreements, and designing contractor and customer contracts. We can also assist you with any lawsuit or legal action. No matter the issue, when the commercial law firm of Frankfort & Koltun partners with you and your company, rest assured that you’ll have the comfort of knowing we’re by your side.


Whatever the reason for your legal needs, you need to rely upon attorneys who understand your business, are familiar with the laws dictating your industry, and have the ability to manage your expectations with the eventual resolution. At Frankfort & Koltun, Bob and Scott take an investigative and analytical approach to each issue, asking insightful questions and creating a path forward, towards a favorable outcome for all parties involved.

Frankfort & Koltun is a highly respected commercial law firm, centrally located on Long Island. If you have a business situation that necessitates a capable and accomplished litigator, contact us today at 631-242-7815, or click the button below; find out how we can assist your business during our free consultation.